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Stanford Lecture Notes:

Psychology, Neuroscience, AI-

also Biology, Medicine, and Cosmology

Stanford University

I attend about a half dozen lectures per week at Stanford University usually
at the Stanford Center for Mind, Brain and Computation (MBC).

I also attend Stanford lectures in molecular biology and medicine,
computer science/AI, energy research, and cosmology (at SLAC
(Stanford Linear Accelerator)
and at SETI . (I also occasionally
lecture at or host local scientific events.)

I always bike (3,000 miles per year), so I'm easy to recognize.
I'm the guy in the front row in the day-glo shirt trying to
take down every word.

Some of my lecture notes for 2013 and early 2014 appear below
where they can be down-loaded to your computer. Much of this is
cutting edge (unpublished) research.

As of 2014 (instead of putting links on this page) I will upload
all my lecture notes to my WebBrain (usually in June and in December),
where they can be either read online or downloaded (or cut and pasted).

WebBrain contains an archive of hundreds of past lectures,
and was just updated in December 2014. They are organized into
dozens of lists. So, for example, click on 2014 AA Superstar Lectures,
and you will find some of my recent favorites (many by National Academy
members or by rising superstars). Or, click on 2014 Lectures to find
all those. To find many of the neuropsych lectures, click the yellow
MBC Mind Brain Comp button at the top of theWebBrain window
or click on AA Alphabetic MBC Indexes.

Having trouble downloading my notes?
Possibility one: after you click on the note (either on this page or
in the WebBrain), you may see a little rectangular box
at the bottom of your screen. Clicking on that will open the file.
Possibility two: find the folder on your machine where downloaded files
get stored. It should be there. If a login box appears requesting a password,
just ignore it and click cancel. The download should proceed without a password.
In 2014 I began to simply copy the entire file into WebBrain, where it can
either be read online or cut and pasted. If nothing else works,
contact me via email, and I'll send them to you.

Some RECENT Talks (2013Q4)

Note: To ease my upload/bookkeeping burden, I'm just going
to upload my entire WebBrain en masse every June and December.
Full text of new talks are in my WebBrain (link above).
Here are some of the outstanding 2013Q4 (autumn quarter) talks.
(WebBrain contains hundreds more of these (every talk I've attended.))

Baez, John, Life's Struggle to Survive, UC Riverside, Dec 17 2013
Battista, Christian, Neural Mechanims of Arithmetic, Stanford, Jan 24, 2014
Blackburn, Elizabeth, Telomeres and Aging, UCSF, Jan 27, 2014
Botvinick, Matthew, Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning, Princeton, Dec 4, 2013
Chklovskii, Dimitri, Mitya, Drosophila Optokinetic Circuits, Janelia, Nov 5 2013
Cline, Holly, Visual Plasticity in Xenopus, Scripps, Sept 27 2013
Cullen, Kathleen, Neural Encoding of Vestibular Info, McGill, Dec 12 2013
Evans, Tanya, fMRI of Dyslexia, Dec 6 2013
Ginty, David, Microanatomy of Touch Receptors and Neurons, Harvard, Jan 9 2014
Gottschling, Dan, Organelle Deterioration with Age, U Wash., Seattle, Dec 13 2013
Greene, Michelle, The Scene Gist Paradox, MBC, Oct 14 2013
Guyon, Olivier, Exoplanet, Direct Imaging, SETI, Aug 6 2013
Hasson, Uri, Hierarchical Active Memory, Princeton, Feb 28, 2014
Hoffman, Paul, Semantic Representation, Dementia, Manchester, Nov 1 2013
Khakh, Bal, Astrocyte Calcium Signaling in a Neural Circuit, UCLA, Dec 5 2013
Shakhnarovich, Greg, Cascade Visual Segmentation, TTI Chicago, Nov 4,2013
Sinha, Supriyo TYPHON, Massive Parallel Neural Imaging, Schnitzer,Nov 18,2013
Snavely, Noah, Photosynth Massive Image Synthesis, Cornell, Nov 7 2013
Yasuda, Ryohei, Imaging Single Dendritic Signals, Max Planck Florida, Oct 10 2013

Highlights from 2012-2013

Stanford Center for Mind, Brain, and Computation (MBC)
located in Psychology Dept. (Jordan Hall) and directed by Prof. Jay McClelland.
SINTN weekly lectures on Neuro-Innovation (Clark Auditorium) also included here.

Stanford Center for Cognitive and Neurobio. Imaging (CNI):
Inaugural Event, Mar 22, 2013 videos

An outstanding video collection by some of the world's leading experts in
fMRI and cognitive neuroscience. Includes lectures by Marcus Raichle,
Leslie Ungerleider, Nancy Kanwisher, and many others.

MBC Symposium: Neural Dynamics: Feb 27, 2013 videos
An outstanding Stanford MBC video collection. My notes appear below
for the talks by Larry Abbott (includes Surya Ganguli's intro) and by
Bill Bialek, and Gyorgy Buzsaki.

Abbott, Larry Spikes to Slow Dynamics Columbia Feb 27 2013

Angelaki, Dora, Bayesian Multisensory Fusion, Baylor, Nov 16, 2012

Bargmann, Cori, Molec Regulation of Feeding, Mating C elegans, Apr 2, 2013

Barth, Alison, Neural Network Construction cFOS-GFP,CMU, Mar 8 2012

Beck, Jeff, Neural Encoding of Uncertainty, Apr 4, 2013

Bialek, Bill, Phase Diagrams, Network Stability, Princeton Feb 27 2013

Bouchard, Kristopher, Cortical Control of Speech, UCSF, Feb 25, 2013

Bradley, Bill , Future of MRI in Neuroradiology, UCSD, Jan 19, 2012

Buzsaki, Gyuri Hippocampal Oscillations, NYU, Feb 27 2013

Callaway, Ed, Vision Circuits, Micro Connectivity, Salk, Nov 5 2012

Callaway, Ed, Rabies Virus Elaboration of Neural Connectivity, Salk, Sep 27 2013

Chevalier, Nicolas, Exec Control in Kids, Feb 13 2013

Clopath, Claudia, Synaptic Plasticity Models, Columbia, Mar 14 2013

Gazzaley, Adam, Top-Down Modulation Deficit in Aging Cognition, May 17 2012

Eichler, Evan, Autism Genetic Mutations, UW, Feb 7 2013

Frank, Loren, Hippocampal Memory Retrieval, Jan 30, 2012

Hanson, Jamie, Adversity and Cognitive Neural Development, Mar 14 2013

Hawthorne, Dan, Learning from Others, Mar 15 2013

Holroyd, Clay, Dopamine Rewards: ERP Event Related, Feb 22 2013

Honey, Christopher, Slow Widespread Neural Comprehension, Jan 30 2013

Izhikevich, Eugene, Neural SPIKES (not firing rates!), Jan 29 2013

Kao, Justine Word Play Ambiguity Resolution, April 6 2012

Krauzlis, Rich Superior Colliculus in Eye Movements, NIH, Nov 8 2012

Kreitzer, Anatol Basal Ganglia Optogenetics, UCSF, Dec 13 2012

Mackey, Sean, PAIN as seen on MRI, April 27, 2012

Macklis, Jeff, Neocortical Projection Neuron Development, Jan 10 2013

Mayford, Mark, Scripps, Genetic Control of Memory, Feb 28 2013

McClure, Sam, Reinforcement Learning, Mar 1 2012

Menon, Vinod, Brain Networks in Children,Jan 19, 2012

Minor, Lloyd, LABYRINTH and Balance, June 6, 2013

Moser, Edvard and May-Britt, Grid Cells, Trondheim, Apr 10, 2013

Piantadosi, Steven, Ambiguity in Language, Word Length, Feb 20 2013

Ramsey, Nick, Motor Behavior in 7T MRI and ECoG, Utrecht, June 7 2013

Ranganath, Charan Recontextualizing the Hippocampus, May 20 2013

Rutt, Brian, High Field 7T MRI, Lucas Center, April 12 2012

Sabes, Philip (Skip), Multisensory Cortical Integration,UCSF, Mar 11 2013

Sanes, Joshua RETINA Embryologic Development Mar 7 2013

Simoncelli, Eero, Visual Metamers, NYU, Jan 17 2013

Smith, Stephen, Array Tomography Connectome, Nov 28 2011

Soska, Kasey Jan 25 2012 Motion and Visual Cognition

Stryker, Michael, Visual Plasticity During Development UCSF May 21, 2012

Sussillo, David Recurrent Neural Network Dynamics Mar 19 2013

Thompson-Schill, Sharon, Beyond Embodiment, Representation, Penn, Nov 7, 2012

Tolias, Andreas, Microcircuitry Neocortex, Baylor Feb 21, 2013

Tsao, Doris, Face Processing Mechanisms, Caltech, Apr 11, 2013

Turner, Brandon, Combined Bayes Model of Cog/ MRI, Baylor Feb 21, 2013

Turner, Glenn, Encoding Odor in Drosophila Mushroom Body, Apr 4 2013

Uddin, Lucinda, DMN vs Task Functional Networks, Nov 9 2012

van den Bos, Wouter Striatum DTI and Rewards, Mar 8, 2013

Wandell, Brian COLOR VISION April 23, 2012

Waskom, Michael Decoding PFC (Prefrontal Cortex) Patterns April 6 2012

Yeatman, Jason, Reading and Arcuate Fasciculus, Feb 15, 2013

Zador, Tony, Auditory Cortical Circuits, Cold Spring Harbor, Feb 2 2012

Zaki, Jamil, , Prosociality Compassion Sources, Jan 24 2012

Zilles, Karl, Neurotransmitter Receptor Distribution, Dusseldorf, Mar 21, 2012

Stanford Center for Cog/Neurobio Imaging (CNI) Symposium
March 22-23, 2012 First Year Inaugural Event (in Clark Center Auditorium)
Note: videos of these outstanding lectures are now open access.

Kanwisher, Nancy, Faces, Places, Bodies, March 22, 2012

Stanford Psychiatry Grand Rounds
Noon, Thursdays in the Li Ka Shing Center, Stanford Med School

Couric, Katie, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Happiness Panel, Oct 18,2013

Eagleman, David, TIME, Oct 4, 2012

Lyubomirsky, Sonja HAPPINESS May 31, 2012

Prather, Aric, SLEEP, Stress, and Immunity, UCSF, Oct 11 2013

Rothbaum, Barbara PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment March 29, 2012

Schatzberg, Alan, Delusions in Major Depression, Jan 12, 2012

Stanford Center for the Explanation of Consciousness (CEC)
located in CSLI Buildings and directed by Prof. Paul Skokowski.

Block, Ned, Access Consciousness, NYU, Dec 7 2012

Chalmers, David, ProtoConsciousness, Panpsychism, Feb 5 2013

Churchland, Paul, Color Vision, UCSD, Jan 13, 2012

Johnston, Mark Mar 17 2012 Qualia are not Mental

Searle, John Consciousness Jan 20, 2012

Sinha, Pawan, Project Prakash, Blind Children's Vision Post-Op Mar 14 2013

Wandell, Brian COLOR VISION April 23, 2012

Stanford Computer Science Department
located in the Gates Bldg (yes, that Gates) in the
Human / Computer Interaction (HCI) series or in the CSL Colloquium EE380 or
in the PAIL series at SAIL.

Bernstein, Michael Crowd Sourcing and HCI, Mar 8 2013

Chau, Polo Data Mining HCI, Georgia Tech, 15 Mar 2013

Kaplan, Jerry, Overview and History of AI, Stanford CSD, May 6, 2013

Lee, Johnny Chung KINECT Microsoft Motion Capture 5 Jan 2011

Lieber, Charles, Nanotechnology Nanowire Arrays, Harvard, 1 Apr 2013

Stamos, Alex, Security Post-Snowden, CSD EE380, Jan 8 2014  

SLAC Stanford Linear Accelerator
Weekly Colloquium: Panofsky Auditorium: Mondays, 4:15PM.

Chaparala, Prasad Mobile SOLAR Alta Devices SLAC , Mar 25 2013

Cui, Yi, Nano Batteries SLAC , Feb 11 2013

Partch, Carrie Circadian Rhythms, UC Santa Cruz, SLAC Mar 18 2013

Molecular Biology
Stanford Medical Center, usually in Li Ka Shing Center or in Clark Auditorium.

Araci, Ismael Emre , Microfluidic VLSI femtoliter assays, June 14 2013

Bargmann, Cori, Molec Regulation of Feeding, Mating C elegans, Apr 2, 2013

Barzilai, Nir, Centenarian Genetics of Human Aging,Jan 30, 2012

Chu, Steve, Nano Light Imaging for Biomed, Applied Phys Colloq, May 21, 2013

Cooper, Kimberly, Vertebrate Limb Development, Harvard Feb 13 2013

Covert, Markus, Whole CELL MODELS Mar 12 2013

de Lange, Titia, TELOMERES Mar 20 2013

Flavell, Richard, Inflammasome, Colonic Microbes, Yale, Jan 24, 2012

Gibson, Dan, de Novo Cell Synthesis, Venter Lab, Feb 1 2013

Gottschling, Dan, Organelle Deterioration with Age, Wash., Seattle, Dec 13 2013

Green, Ed, NEADERTHAL DNA, UC Santa Cruz, June 11 2013

Lieberman Aiden, Erez 3d Folding DNA Genome, Jan 26, 2012

O'Roak, Brain Autism Genetics, Feb 21 2013

QUAKE, Stephen, Genome Applications in Medicine, Stanford CVI, May 28, 2013

Ravichandra, Kodi, MACROPHAGES Eat Good APOPTOTIC Meals,
Univ Virginia, June 5 2013

Sinclair, David, Sirtuins and Aging, Harvard, Mar 8 2013

SMRT Pacific Bioscience, Korlach, Jonas, Nov 12, 2012

Spudich, Jim, Myoglobin Molecular Motors, Jan 17 2012

Wu, Joseph, Pluripotent Stem Cell Cardiac Therapy, CVI, Apr 17 2012

Wu, Sean Cardiac Embryology CVI Mar 19 2013

Winfree, Erik Cell-Free Biochem Circuits CalTech Mar 21 2013

Energy Seminar: Precourt Institute (Stanford)
Nvidia Auditorium, Huang Engineering Center, Mondays, 4:15PM.
Future Seminars are here: video archive of past seminars is here.

Chaparala, Prasad Mobile SOLAR Alta Devices SLAC , Mar 25 2013

Chueh, Will, Battery Energy Storage Optimization, Feb 4 2013

Gur, Ilan Future of Battery Tech, E-ARPA Mar 21 2013
Note: Ilan Gur's talk was at (Xerox) PARC; the video is online.

Senesky, Debbie, Extreme Silicon Carbide Sensors, Feb 25 2013

SETI Institute
Mountain View, Tuesdays at Noon. This is an outstanding cosmology series
that I occasionally attend. Future Seminars and Archive is here.

Baez, John, Life's Struggle to Survive, UC Riverside, Dec 17 2013

Blake, David, Mars Science Lab Curiosity, NASA, Jan 29 2013

Borucki, Bill, Kepler Telescope SETI Exoplanets, Aug 29, 2012

McKay, Chris, Mars Life Exploration, NASA, Nov 19, 2012

Shostak, Seth , Strategies in Search for ET, SETI, May 20, 2013